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Person-centred Leadership

This cluster of processes includes a wide range of diverse leader behaviours. If they have one feature in common, it is that expedition leaders must prioritise the development of participants over other objectives. This must be true at the planning, delivery and post-expedition phases. This can be contrasted with an expedition which is purely focussed on the physical outcome (e.g reaching a particular destination), and with a 'personal development' expedition in which the learning is the sole and explicit purpose. A difficult compromise must be found - the expedition must be 'genuine' in order to engage the participants (see 'Real Independence'), whilst at the same time the leaders must develop an environment in which personal development is a valued and conscious goal for all taking part.

Design programme always with the individual in mind (Greenaway 1997)
Adaptive leadership with learning in mind (Tozer et al 2007)
Use a specific development model as the programme rationale (Greenaway 1998)
Be cognizant of conflict sources & stressors (Potter 1998)
Conscious address of group dynamics; conscious promotion of 'expedition behaviour' (Cashel 1994)
Nurture an open environment for personal expression pre-trip (Potter 1998)